The Fog Lights Setting is Proving… Difficult

I can’t turn the switch to turn the fog lights on.

When I go to turn on the fog lights using the headlight switch… it won’t go into the switch position detent. Of course it says “pull”, so I pull, but the switch feels like it’s going to pull off, so I back off. My instinct says I need to pull a bit and turn to the left a bit to get the dial to go to the fog light position. Whatever the case, I haven’t figured it out yet.

I’ll figure it out. Like with everything cars/electronics/software, I just need to noodle with it until I “get it”.

In other news, my Alltrack cracked 33 MPG today driving from Castle Rock, Colorado, to Denver. I drove mostly with a light right foot, keeping her in 6th gear. I’ve found rain or snow are good for a 1-2 MPG penalty on any highway driving. And today it’s been snowing, causing visibility and wet roads, but no snow accumulation on the roads.

I like the friendly temperature reminder/warning that appears on the instrument cluster screen about 2 minutes after starting the Alltrack. There’s an audible tone that accompanies this.

My 2017 Golf Alltrack after driving in light snow for an hour.
My 2017 Golf Alltrack after driving in light snow for an hour.

It looks like these happen under 40° fahrenheit. I got one that said 38° and the other said it was 33°. That’s good information presented simply. My 1997 Volvo 850 would illuminate a small orange light next to a snowflake graphic on the instrument cluster that stayed illuminated for the entire drive, as long as the temperature was roughly 28-38°, which was not quite annoying, but close.

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