Where are the "bunnies"?

The VW Golf mk1 was the replacement for the VW Beetle. It was announced in 1974, and featured front wheel drive and liquid cooling, making it very different than the Bug it replaced. The Jetta, introduced in 1979, became the best-selling European car in the United States, Canada, and México.
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Where are the "bunnies"?

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When I married my wife she had a 1983 Rabbit Convertible. Whenever I worked on it, I would bleed. Everything was impossible to reach. I named it "Christine" for the Stephen King book! But I always thought it had best paint finish of any car I had ever seen to that date. Don't really miss Christine, but wouldn't mind seeing what she's up to now.

I assume Rabbits are included in first generation Golf forum?

If this site is half as good as Matthews Volvo Site, it will be an invaluable tool for all the VW folks.

Good luck!
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Re: Where are the "bunnies"?

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I think Rabbit was a US name for the Golf that was ROW.

I had a 1975 and two 1979s that I loved. One of my 1979s kept getting hit on icy roads in Ithaca NY and I made about 3000 in insurance claims net over its lifetime. I kept driving it without fixing it. Better ROI than any if my stock picks
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