My first car 87 GTI

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My first car 87 GTI

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Got it new in high school. Worst car ever owned. Never bought another VW but had a lot of fun in it. Handled damn well. Was taking care of my cousin's Corrado (VR6 was it?) number of years later. Another piece of sh*t car. I think it has something to do with it being built in Mexico but most unreliable cars ever. Lots of headache and frustration is engrained in my soul, and remember it all every time I look at a vdub. They should just send it in a box from Germany so we can put it together in our garage and not rely on the Mexicans.
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Re: My first car 87 GTI

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My first car was a 88 gti16v and I never had any problems with it. I wanted to keep it and track it but because it was fwd and very tall and didn't do it. It was was a very loud car,road noise, but it was a blast to drive always redline!!!!!
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