Tail out in snow!

Alltrack is a lifted (1.4 inch) SportWagen with full time AWD - 4MOTION. With the same 1.8 liter 4-cylinder as the SportWagen, it's a fast, fun wagon available with a manual (!) or auto transmission.
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Tail out in snow!

Post by Matt »

Based on my limited observations in wet, I thought the Alltrack might act a bit RWD-ish in low traction conditions.

I was right. I got some driving in today on snowy roads, the first real snow of the year here in Denver. In throttle-on around corners my Alltrack oversteers, which is wonderful :shock: :D .

These are 2nd or 3rd gear power-on turning corners.

I couldn't be happier.

I can't say if it's mechanical -- sending more power to the rear axles -- and it almost certainly isn't*, but whatever the case the sum total behavior is like a RWD car.

I'll have to do more testing, darn it ;) , and I'll have more of an opinion on this which I'll share.

* sending more power to the rear on AWD cars is typically reserved for performance oriented models, and even then it's only when a performance mode is selected in the car's driving dynamics menu.