OBD codes reset themselves fairly quickly

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OBD codes reset themselves fairly quickly

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I'm surprised and happy to report my VW clears codes quickly.

In this comment from a few months ago I mentioned P0087 and P0087 error codes appearing. Those still happen every so often, maybe once every two months.
Seldom, on long highway entrance pulls at WOT up through 4th gear, it’ll set a Check Engine light. The OBD codes are P0087 and P0087 P. It’s the same highway on ramp every time (about 3 times so far). It’s a long, slightly uphill, straight pull.
Here's the cool thing: I don't have to reset them via an OBD code tool. After 30-60 minutes the codes are cleared by the Alltrack's systems (because they don't see the condition again).

I can reset the codes and have, but now that I know the car will do it relatively quickly, I won't reset them.

For comparison, when codes like these got set in my Volvo 850 T5, it would take days or weeks for them to get cleared by the car, so I'd break out the OBD code tool and do it.