The VW K70: Another VW that never got here

6025831973 0de7ffa840 b 1024x646 - The VW K70: Another VW that never got hereThe Volkswagen K70 is another model that never reached the shores of the United States. This was an influential model that was barely a VW in the first place. The vehicle was the product of the acquisition of NSU Motorenwerke, a German car manufacturer that Volkswagen spun off to form Audi. So if the style looks familiar and a lot like an Audi, that would be why.

NSU volkswagen k70 5 1024x585 - The VW K70: Another VW that never got here

The NSU model was just about to hit the market when VW acquired the company in 1969. It features front wheel drive, a unique design, and a water-cooled 1.6L (74 hp) or 1.8L (99 hp) engine. Forward-looking safety features for the time included a fuel tank that was mounted ahead of the rear axle and the trunk.

What happened: 

The K70 came at a bad time. Buyers associated the model with the unreliable predecessor/sister car known as the Ro80. The car gained a reputation for body corrosion. Also, it didn’t exactly fit into VW’s lineup of vehicles, priced just below the Audi 100 and the Volkswagen 411.

k70 2 - The VW K70: Another VW that never got here

So, the vehicle never got much of a good start and never came to the US. However, aficionados keep these vehicles up and you can find one on the market today. They appreciate its influential, forward-looking exterior features and economical consumption. If you can find one, they are a true curiosity.


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