Death of the VW Alltrack – Why?

Last summer, Volkswagen announced that they would no longer offer the only two wagon-style vehicles that are still manufactured in the United States. Both the VW Golf SportWagen and the VW Alltrack were selected as models that the German car manufacturer would cease producing after 2019

But why?

Recently, many small vehicles from a bevy of manufacturers have found their way to the discontinued side of the market. For instance, models like the Ford Focus and the Chevrolet Cruze are no longer being manufactured. So, why are so many small car models failing instead of catching on?

Wagons and Smaller Cars

In the case of both wagons and smaller cars, it seems that the SUV and crossover market is booming in the United States. Americans are not buying wagons or smaller cars as much as they did, and are instead opting for SUVs and crossovers. The number of purchases for both SUVs and crossovers is on the rise across the country.

Much of what is happening with the car market nowadays has to do with supply and demand. What drives the market is whatever types of vehicles the consumers want to purchase at any given time. Wagons no longer are a standard trend for American car owners, although they were once upon a time.

Nowadays, SUVs and crossovers are what’s in style. So, because people were no longer buying wagons since they preferred SUVs, it seems the attraction to both the VW SportWagen and the VW Alltrack died out years ago with the wagon trend

The SUV Trend

Volkswagen made changes to its lineup years ago to become well positioned for the SUV trend. VW debuted its first three-row SUV, the VW Atlas, as a 2018 model. Following that, VW spruced up its Tiguan crossover. These two models are trendy and sell like hotcakes.

As recently as two decades ago, we’d routinely see station wagons and minivans used as the typical family car. However, that was long before the inception of the SUV, and the introduction of the crossover. Once SUVs and crossovers hit the market, they became the staple cars for families. Both wagons and minivans are now dying automotive breeds. 

Most car manufacturers, including Volkswagen, seem to have an ever-increasing list of SUV and crossover models because technology and marketing are allowing for ever more models. 

Wagon sales were 0.6% of vehicle sales in 2018, a decrease from 0.9% in 2014.

Wagons are not selling, mainly because people prefer SUVs, so that’s the primary reason why the VW Alltrack was discontinued

When wagons first appeared on the American car market, they originally were all the rage. People loved them because they were roomy, and they responded well. Although they were spacious cars, they were easy to drive. But SUVs and crossovers nowadays handle much better than wagons of the 60s, 70s and 80s, and are much more stylish. The demand for style and a car that handles well are now being met by SUVs and crossovers. 


Big mistake by vw. These wagons are more fun to drive, have more cargo room that small, poor mileage suvs and are better looking. Fuel efficient cars should be the trend

I love my 2015 Golf Sportwagen, manual tranny, and have been considering an Alltrack. So this news is very disheartening. Nothing I have driven recently performs and handles like it. I’ve own a few VWs and because of their reliability issues swore I’d never buy another one. The Sportwagen changed my mind. Owned from brand new since 2015, it’s the first VW that’s given me no trouble at all after 40,000 mi. Are they stir available in Europe?

Ben , I just purchased my 2019 AlltrackSE w/ DSG tranny in Pure White
finish and black interior in Sept.2020 and I am loving it ! The thing is a
rocket ship compared to the 2003 Jetta ( 216,000 miles) I traded in
toward it, even though it was running like the day I bought it. This is
the third iteration of the 1.8 inline four that I’ve owned (1989 Jetta
w/231,000 miles & the aforementioned 2003 Jetta). I had always
wanted an Alltrack and knew this would be my last chance to
purchase. I got lucky and found one of the last ones at a dealer in PA.
and made the purchase Labor day weekend. VW will be introducing a
Passat based alltrack model in a MK VIII platform later this year only
in Germany for now. You can find ads for it on Youtube. Good luck
with yours!

I have an 2018 alltrack. best car I’ve ever owned and that includes a myriad of toyota’s, vw’s, audi’s, chevy’s and fords. I would have bought another. I have no desire to own another SUV.

I bought a 2017 Golf Alltrack TSI today to replace my 2013 Jetta Sportwagon, (my sunroof failed at the car wash after being replaced several years ago). I really LOVED my sportwagon, would still have it if it weren’t for the sunroof issue. This Alltrack better measure up, it has some big shoes to fill.

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