Alltrack RIP, We Hardly Knew You

Yes, the rumors are true. The Golf Alltrack is done after the 2019 model year.

Volkswagen of America announced today that the critically-acclaimed Volkswagen Golf Alltrack and Golf SportWagen will end production with the 2019 model year. Volkswagen will continue building the Alltrack at the Puebla, Mexico plant through December 2019 to provide enthusiasts additional opportunity to own an affordable, European-designed wagon.

Also leaving us is the Alltrack’s sister, the Golf Sportwagen.

That leaves the world with just three years of production, model years 2017, 2018 and 2019.

So… Why?

Short answer: SUVs. VW says SUVs accounted for more than half of its total sales in the first half of 2019. Road & Track puts it in perspective:

Last month, Volkswagen sold 1314 wagons, accounting for a little over a third of total Golf sales (the automaker doesn’t break down Sportwagen vs. Alltrack numbers). That number pales in comparison to the 9378 Tiguans the brand sold in the same time period.


[…] Last summer, Volkswagen announced that they would no longer offer the only two wagon-style vehicles that are still manufactured in the United States. Both the VW Golf SportWagen and the VW Alltrack were selected as models that the German car manufacturer would cease producing after 2019.  […]

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