VW Future: Doom & Lawsuits?


US states organizing to sue for a recall or buyback

Just when you think there are no government agencies not already involved in VW’s Dieselgate fiasco, that there cannot really be any regulators, lawmakers, bureaucrats without a finger in the pie, news breaks that there are.

Doom and Gloom Predicted for VW…

But Not From Us

Personally, we here at atw don’t believe this scandal will throw VW far off its current course, which is now the world’s #1 car manufacturer. People have short memories. There was Audi’s unintended acceleration fiasco in the 1980s, and recently some very high profile scandals at Toyota and GM, and these are forgotten. 100% gone today.

Only recently, General Motors was caught covering up a serious defect in its ignition switches that cost dozens of lives. It paid a piffling $900 million fine, no one went to jail, and barely anyone talks about it anymore. Not long before, Toyota was penalized for failing to share information with regulators regarding runaway cars. The government fined Toyota $1.2 billion, and various recalls, civil suits, and consumer settlements will add billions more to the Japanese behemoth’s tab. And yet general public sentiment is again a resounding Zzzz.

This is Going to Hurt, Volkswagen

Don’t fall for the Dieselgate Armageddon crowd’s proclamations of doom. It will be complete in a year, whatever happens whether buybacks or recalls, the press will calm down, and VW sales will return.

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