You Guys, My 2017 Volkswagen Golf’s So Rad. Here’s Why.

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Have you driven a 2017 Volkswagen Golf? If not, stop reading this article right now and go straight to your nearest VW dealership for a test drive.

2017 Volkswagen Golf, Tornado Red
A Girl and her Golf: Alana + Red Tornado=LUV!

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2016 Volkswagen CC Driving Impressions

2016 Volkswagen CC

My mom got a 2016 VW CC two weeks ago, and I drove it yesterday. It’s a 2.0T, not diesel or V6. Here are my impressions:

Quiet — wind noise and road noise are very low.

Frm ride — but not too firm, little body roll.

Awesome seats — not much lateral support, but easy to adjust to a comfortable driving position.

Good gauges and controls — speedometer, tach and gauges are amazingly well-lit. VW has been using these for several years now.

Good tilt/telescoping steering wheel — but the leather on the wheel itself is anything but grippy.

Engine — well, it’s a turbo four, it moves the car, but it’s not the smoothest. Downshifts can be dramatic.

Turbocharger — there’s a bit of turbo lag here.

So-so infotainment controls — the screen is a touch (no pun intended) laggy, and somewhat fussy regarding taps and touches on its surface.

Great trunk and trunk release (the VW badge is the trunk release) — there is little effort required to open the trunk and raise the lid.

High stepover height getting in the car — the sill is high, causing a bit of effort getting feet in the car.