Denver to Vail MPG Report, March 2021

Day trip to Vail, Colorado from Denver, 2017 Alltrack MPG:

  • 31.6 MPG outbound average speed 52 MPH
  • 35.6 MPG return, average speed 43 MPH
  • 94 miles each way

Combined MPG of this trip vs. January’s trip is less impressive. The traffic on the way home on I-70 was bad. It took 45 minutes to creep up the hill from Silverthorne to Eisenhower Tunnel on eastbound I-70. Then on the other side it was very slow here and there due to light snow and wet roadway.

Please note my Alltrack is a manual transmission car.

Groaning Corners

My Alltrack is starting to groan at the corners from worn spring seats or strut mounts. I hear it in low speed parking lot driving, especially if one wheel is higher or lower. There are now 38k miles on my 2017.

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