Oil Analysis – How to Get an Oil Sample To Send to get Tested

This is from my Engine Oil Dirty post in the forum.  This shows how to get an oil sample out of your VW Golf without changing the oil.

You’ll need the following:

  1. VW Golf
  2. siphon
  3. oil testing kit


getting-oil-sample-from-engine-blackstone - 1.jpg

So my siphon was dirty. Ok. Clean with water. Ok. But then since I wanted to use it right away, wouldn’t the residual drops in it introduce a “contaminant” in testing? Uh oh. So I blew out the drops with canned air.

getting-oil-sample-from-engine-blackstone - 2.jpg
getting-oil-sample-from-engine-blackstone - 3.jpg
getting-oil-sample-from-engine-blackstone - 4.jpg

One big problem – the engine was hot. This is supposed to be the right way, when the oil mixes itself when hot, as opposed to cold where given time, it’ll separate into components somewhat. Getting the siphon to work here was difficult, so I sucked the oil out of the bottom of the engine. Ugh. Yes, I tasted it.

getting-oil-sample-from-engine-blackstone - 6.jpg
getting-oil-sample-from-engine-blackstone - 7.jpg

This is VERY IMPORTANT if you are pulling oil from the top, as opposed to getting a sample during an oil change. The diameter of the dipstick tube is exactly the diameter of this siphon’s tube, plus a billionth of an inch. So, if you’re going to use a siphon, get one that is smaller diameter than 1/4 inch, or if that’s impossible, a 1/4 inch like mine will work in the VW 1.8 gasoline engine dipstick tube if you have patience.

1/4 inch is very difficult to feed into the top, where it narrows. It took minutes both times I went in for a pull. If the engine is hot, you’ll get some mild burns trying to feed it down.

getting-oil-sample-from-engine-blackstone - 8.jpg
getting-oil-sample-from-engine-blackstone - 5.jpg

Ok, got enough, I think.

getting-oil-sample-from-engine-blackstone - 9.jpg

All set to put it together to mail out.

getting-oil-sample-from-engine-blackstone - 10.jpg

All packaged up.


What is the company i send it to because somebody put something in my gas tank and it smells like paint thinner or solvent or something i wanna send it out.

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