Spotted VW: Scirocco

In the States, we only got the first generation Scirocco, up to 1981. My friend had a 1979 the same color as this one. I rode in it a million times back in the late 1980s. It was fun and reliable. Not fast compared to cars today with its eye-watering 78 HP, but decent power for what it was back then.  Plus it weighed a fairly-light 2800 lbs, so it didn’t have a lot of mass to move.

Anyway, on this pictured Scirocco, the body looks straight and the paint looks good. Good job, first generation Scirocco owner in the University of Denver area.

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  1. Actually, we got the A1-based Scirocco from 1975-1988. The picture you have posted is a Mk 1 Scirocco, and 1982-1988, we got the Mk II Scirocco, which was slighly more rounded. The Mk II was available in Europe until 1992.

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