How Fast Is It? Alltrack + JB4

Now I’ve got a couple actual examples of how fast my Alltrack with a JB4 is: a little faster than a GTI.

Today marked the second stoplight duel between a Mk 7 GTI vs. me in my 2017 Alltrack with a JB4 set to max boost.

The GTI was at my back bumper halfway through 3rd gear. I didn’t gap him, but the victory was clear. His front bumper was at my back bumper. I wanted to chat at the next light and rolled down my window but he wasn’t interested :'(

If the GTI does 0-60 mph in 6.0 sec, then my Alltrack does 0-60 mph in 5.9.

Keep in mind Car & Driver test results are generally impossible to recreate in the real world. So take my 5.9 seconds with a grain of salt.

This marks the second time in recent weeks I’ve pulled against a late model VW GTI, and both have been in my favor.

But I Lost at Seating

The only place I lost was in the seats: as cool as my Marrakesh Brown interior is, it’s no VW plaid.


I’m a Volvo guy but I’ve been looking at GTI’s, only issue I have with them is no AWD. I like the Golf R but it’s way too pricey in my opinion. The only other options for a hatch with manual shift plus AWD would be a Subaru WRX but I prefer EDM over JDM.

You showed you had boost up to 23. Is that a system total or the amount over stock? I picked up a JB4 and it came with +4.8 over stock with the recommendation of 5.2 on 93 fuel. Can you clarify cause my stock + JB4 cannot do 0-60 that fast.

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