My Alltrack Smashed In Parking Lot — $10k Damage

A young driver backed out of a spot way too fast, and without looking.

I was driving past and didn’t have time to do anything except yell “WHOA!”, which didn’t work. The driver started her Indy 500 backup when the nose of my Alltrack was even with her Kia.

If it had been sooner, I could have braked to avoid it. If I’d been moving faster, I might have been able to accelerate out of it.

On the upside, she didn’t run, and had insurance.

I took my Alltrack to the finest collision repair place in Denver, according to many car enthusiasts I spoke to. That was on Monday, five days ago.

No word yet.

The other driver’s insurance company, Nationwide, sent me a $5900 check after I sent them photos, but I’m not touching that. Hampden Auto Body estimated $8-10k, maybe more.

I’m hoping they’ll total it — a $12-15k bar — so that I can get a 2019 Alltrack of which several are still on dealer lots. My friend’s girlfriend bought a 2019 SE automatic four weeks ago, brand new. Good discount too.

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