Volkswagen taps legend, introducing electric bus at CES

In the entire history of the yearly Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, it is hard to recall one company introducing so much at the event. That is especially the case when it comes to a car company. This is Volkswagen however, and these are unusual times. The big reveal this year is an all-electric bus.motorhome6 - Volkswagen taps legend, introducing electric bus at CES

That’s not a picture of the actual bus, but it has been so long since Volkswagen has produced something like this, that they could literally deliver anything. Retro styling is huge in modern vehicles and you can look no further than the modern Volkswagen Beetles for proof of that.

Various sources have leaked details about the vehicle, but from what we can tell, it sounds pretty neat. The bus will have a range of 310 miles thanks to lithium-ion battery packs aboard the camper.

It is pretty easy to point out that the attention placed on an iconic vehicle platform will distract from the diesel cheat scandal known as Dieselgate. However, the vehicle has probably been in development for some time. The timing, no doubt, is impeccable and the bus will be in competition with several other electric vehicle models. Volkswagen’s electric bus will reportedly feature all of the modern accoutrements you can expect, with the accents of next generation internet of things connectivity as well.

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