2019 VW Golf Alltrack is The Rebellious All-Wheel Drive in a Crossover-Crazy World

The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack is a heretic nonconformist. It doesn’t care what trend-setters think is old-school or unhip. In fact, Alltrack thinks it’s okay to be a small station wagon in a world that is crossover obsessed! It may be a standard all-wheel drive, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a station wagon.

If You Can Still Buy One New, You Should

And, the caramel layer on the cake is that Volkswagen decided to expand the availability of manual transmission instead of abandoning it altogether. A 6-speed manual transmission is available now on every trim level: S, SE, and SEL. This is when 2019 Alltrack has a decided upgrade in its driver-assistance features.

Intriguingly, the six-speed manual was reserved for S and SE models. The top trim level SEL used to be offered with just the 6-speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) automatic. 

What’s the Safety Like?

2019 Golf Alltrack boasts of an awesome suite of electronic driver nannies. This includes forward-collision warning, emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, and rear cross-traffic alert. There is always the SEL option if you want a more bubble wrap package. 

To help protect occupants, the Golf Alltrack provides a combination of both passive and active safety systems. It features six airbags as standard (front and side airbags for front passengers and side curtain airbags for outboard seating positions), along with a number of electronic safety systems, such as an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC).


You can order the Driver Assistance and Appearance package, which gives you self-parking talent, auto high beams, park sensors, and lane-keep assist. 

2019 Alltrack is Loaded

There is really no room to complain if you get the SEL trim. There is a gorgeous 8-inch infotainment screen that allows for navigation. You also get SEL-standard safety features, such as front and rear park distance control with park assist, adaptive cruise, and lane departure warning with lane-keep assist. 

Alltrack rides like a beaut on the road. It has a strong and firm grip, even in ‘Normal’ mode. Acceleration is superb with the full torque load at just 1,600 rpm. Alltrack gives you the ability to retain this high-rpm level to increase the fun quotient. We all knew Alltrack was a rebel. The compact all-wheel-drive wagon was never afraid of shaking hands with a driver that wanted full control.

Little Tough Guy Image

Alltrack as a wagon has always boasted of being the little tough runt of the group. There is nothing different about the 2019 variant, except it has a higher stance and black wheel-well with rocker-panel trim. Standard 17-inch alloy wheels and shiny outside-mirror caps gives it a nice sleek appearance. SEL trim (the top trim) wears nice 18 inch wheels as standard issue.

You won’t be disappointed with the interior. You get a rugged-chic look with tan and black hues. There is matrix trim on the dash and doors. Perks continue with a panoramic sunroof and Fender audio system that is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Doesn’t Fit Everyone

2019 VW Golf Alltrack is sensational in many aspects, but it doesn’t fit everyone comfortably. There is suitable amount of space in the front, but not the back. Front passengers need to cut a break to allow those in the cheap seats aft to have enough legroom. By the way, the rear seat folds all the way to offer 66.5 cubic feet of hauling space. 

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