Florida And Back in VW Golf Alltrack

Anyone who says you need an SUV to have a comfortable trip is wrong. Well, at least when the alternative is VW Golf Alltrack and a road trip that is planned properly. Matt Z, a business manager, drove to Florida and back from Montreal with his family and lived to tell it like it happened. An SUV is recommended for the typical extra-space and legroom. Fortunately, you get those in the Alltrack as well.

Everything Fit

Matt knew of the trip beforehand, which allowed him to acquire a decent discount on a roof box ($400). The cargo-extender set up helped enormously and gave them 50% more space. There is also a large under-floor storage area to keep knick-knacks and other stuff.

Matt and his wife were surprised when they could easily fit beach toys, stroller, luggage, and their two boys in the humble AWD 6-speed manual turbocharged 2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack.

More Support and Power

There is something to say about Alltrack’s superb handling, even when burdened. The chassis is designed to support all that extra weight. Matt had near 80lbs on the roof and about 650lbs of gear and people on board. The car accelerated beautifully. However, people want more power since 170hp isn’t much for a 3,500-pound car. But, if you like driving within speed limits, the torque-rich engine will not disappoint, especially in the 6th gear.


Unfortunately, Alltrack seats don’t allow for much comfort on long trips. There is not enough lumbar support. The first thing Matt did when he reached Florida was to stop at a Walmart and purchase a gel-filled cushion for lower back support. Apart from that, VW Alltrack offered immense driving pleasure on the busy streets of Florida.

The engine works great at low speeds and is a real charm at overtaking other cars. It offers easy and decent acceleration which is necessary when driving in a new city. More oomph is always welcome, but a little restraint is advised when driving in new territory.

The Drive Back

Matt took the scenic route to Florida, but on the drive back, he decided to go cannonball. His plan was to drive straight with minimal stops between Ft. Lauderdale and Montreal. They managed to cover 1,677 miles in less than 28 hours on the drive back. He drove non-stop except for a 2 hour nap when his wife took over the wheel.

The couple with their children cruised at speeds well in excess of the posted limit of 70mph. But, Golf Alltrack was reliable enough on the road for Matt to take that risk.

Wagons Trump SUVs

Minivans are the best utility vehicles out there, especially for a family vacation. But, wagons are not bad either as Matt proved on his round trip to Florida from Montreal and back. He found the 2018 VW Golf Alltrack to be comfortable at every conceivable level.

The wagon did not hold back and delivered wherever necessary during the incredible trip. It proved to be efficient, reliable, roomy, and great fun. After all, manual gearbox and boosted torque go a long way in improving driver experience. The kids didn’t mind either.

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